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United Lube Oil Company   (UNILUBE) owns and operates an oil refinery with modern technology for the production of high quality base oil. The plant is situated in Jubail Industrial City, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its commercial operation commenced in the year 2002. Refinery & blending plant are under UNILUBE group.

Over the years, the Company is continuously progressing in its business operation, and to safeguard its position in the market, UNILUBE diversified its operation and established Lubricant Blending and Packaging Plant in the year 2009. UNILUBE aims to meet the markets’ demands of base oil and lubricants for automotive and industrial sectors. In 2017 UNILUBE expended the base oil refinery by extending the Solvent Extraction Unit. It improved the product quality, Product stability, and dissolved metal & non-metals impurities of the products. The products qualities could be considered as a virgin base oil with excellent product color.

Quality is the prime objective of UNILUBE. All company activities meet the Quality standards set forth by internationally recognized institutions. UNILUBE is certified by PME (Presidency of Meteorology and Environment), SASO (Saudi Arabian Standards Organization), ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. This certication is applied to our company located at: Support Industries Park, Section 3, Tareeq 130, P.O. Box 11234, Jubail Industrial City 31961, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the exact wording of scope statement, “ 1. Collection, Pre-treatment & Re-refining of Used Oil. 2. Manufacture of Base Oil, Solvent, Extracts and Lubricants." The company manufactured lubricants meet the standards of American Petroleum Institute (API), and presently working to get the Saudi Arabia Standards Organization certification.

UNILUBE is proud of its highly qualified staff and sophisticated equipments & technologies to ensure quality in all activities and products. UNILUBE aims to further develop more in this area through specialized training programs. Moreover, UNILUBE is working to advance and excel in its activities through a Research Center in collaboration with highly specialized third parties in the field of product development.

UNILUBE Lubricants Blending Plant operation was developed in short span of time, and will continue to sustain its position in lubricants market. The vital strength of the company comes from the integration of operation and production processes, as the raw materials of the Blending Plant are partly produced by its own refinery. This ensures capability and stability in meeting the markets’ needs.

UNILUBE considers its customers as partners; accordingly, the company is committed to them.  This commitment includes: quality products, pricing schedule consistent with prevailing world markets, and prompt delivery.

UNILUBE aims to capture its share in the base oil and lubricants markets. Every effort shall be made to meet customers’ satisfaction in order to achieve this goal that will guarantee positive returns to customers and to the company shareholders as well.

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